Who We Are

Lila J Athletic Wear loves all things spirit. As former University of Kentucky Cheerleaders, we have experienced the pride that comes with representing the school that you love, the feeling you get when you walk into the stadium on game day, the nerves that accompany you on the competition mat, and being part of a tradition that is bigger than yourself. We have a passion for school spirit and we want our custom designed apparel to capture that spirit so you can wear your school colors with pride. We are tired of stock designs on boring apparel so we only offer our customers custom designs on the latest apparel trends. When you contact us with an order we will send you a minimum of 3 designs. You can love them, edit them, or reject them and we will keep on until you have the perfect design. Our design capabilities include screen print, embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, and glitter film. Once the look has been chosen, we offer you apparel choices from over 100 brands including Soffe, Boxercraft, American Apparel, and Next Level Apparel. Need samples? We’ll send them. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best possible spirit wear to instill a sense of confidence in your team through comfort and satisfaction in how they look and feel.

Meet the Lila J Team


AboutLauren Lauren has been a cheerleader for as long as she can remember! Lauren cheered for the national champion Bowling Green High School Coed squad in high school. She won 7 Partner Stunt National Titles and 4 Team National Titles as a BGHS cheerleader. She continued her spectacular cheerleading career at the University of Kentucky, where she cheered 4 years, winning 3 National Championships. You can reach Lauren at laurenmartin@lilaj.com


AboutLizLiz began her cheerleading career at Harrison High School in Evansville, Indiana as a freshman. She also cheered for Evansville’s All-star Teams, Acros All-Stars and The Cheerzone Tigers. Liz continued her success at the University of Kentucky, cheering on the blue squad for 4 years and winning 3 National Championships. You can reach Liz at LizJacobi@lilaj.com.


AboutJamieJamie started as a gymnast, competing and winning a regional title at Level 9. She then cheered for Highlands High School, Kentucky Elite All Stars, the University of Kentucky, and Northern Kentucky University. Jamie has won numerous awards, including 2001 WCA Cheerleader of the Year, 4 National titles with Kentucky Elite, 2002 National Title with the University of Kentucky, and 2006 National Title with NKU.